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Rolex Milgauss Blue Dial Wristwatch

The newest term in the dictionary of obscure Rolex vocabulary is “Z blue.” Rolex quietly added a new dial color for the estranged cousin within the Oyster line up, the Milgauss, with the new Rolex Milgauss Z Blue Dial watch. The Milgauss name has been around since 1956 and the current version was released in 2007. Sporting magnetic interference resistance up to 1000 gauss, the Milgauss was originally designed for engineers, technicians and scientists.

Despite this niche crowd, the Milgauss has found a lasting audience thanks to its good looks and, at least within the context of Rolex, quirky styling. Rolex added this latest iteration that features an electric blue dial, aka “Z blue.” What is “Z blue?” It is essentially a new metallic blue watch face for the Milgauss under the line’s iconic green tinted sapphire crystal.

All current Milgauss models are based around 40mm steel Oyster cases. The new blue dial version includes the distinctive green-tinted crystal, bright orange Arabic minute track and signature Milgauss lightning bolt seconds hand. It joins both white and black versions without the green crystal and is basically identical to the black version with the green sapphire, save for the blue dial. The Milgauss also comes fitted to an Oyster bracelet.

The (Z) blue dial looks great and offers a completely separate and bright appeal compared to the black and white versions. The dial has a brushed metallic finish and works well with the orange accents and white gold markers and hands. The 40mm wide sizing feels great and the bracelet ensures the Rolex Milgauss Z Blue Dial will be versatile enough for everyday wear.

We also like that the Rolex Milgauss Z Blue Dial isn’t an instant crowd pleaser. At first the combination of blue, green, and orange colors feels random, and the lightning bolt seconds hand feels out of place for Rolex. After a while it starts to grow on you and the timepiece’s legibility and entertaining colors win you over.

The Milgauss is a strange watch, sporty yet refined while being wholly distinctive among its siblings. Perhaps more than anything else, this new blue dial version improves on the Milgauss’ core strength – standing out in a sea of Submariners.

NOTE: Keep in mind that this article describes the genuine Rolex Milgauss and it’s features and benefits. The magnetic interference resistance is not a feature of a “Replica” Milgauss.

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