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Real vs Replica Watches. The Unbiased Guide

First, a bit of background info. I have been a watch fanatic for quite some years and have incurred lots of useful information and knowledge of the watch industry. I want to crack the whip (shall we say) to give you some insider info. from an unbiased point of view. I will not preach ethics to you like some other sellers / buyers because that’s just wrong. I personally own Real and Replica watches.

Question 1: 
Should I buy a expensive Real Branded watch on ebay?

NO, Never, Never, NO. Any watch sold on ebay is potentially a fake. Most watch manufacturers will not give you a warranty if you buy off ebay.

Question 2:

I know it’s a Replica and want to purchase it anyway. What is the quality like and can I get it serviced?


Replicas vary in quality….drastically. Most can be put under 3 tiers of quality.

The Good: Japanese movement based on the Valjoux / ETA, mostly made by Citizen. Sapphire crystal, anti reflective coating, 316L grade steel, exact marking and details.

The Bad : Chinese automatic movement or cheap quartz. Mineral glass, which has no anti reflective qualities. Poor, or incorrect, dial layout, bad markings, and poor construction.

The Ugly: Even cheaper quartz movement, plastic crystal, plastic or leatherette strap, misspelled markings and layout, light weight, and incorrect case sizes.

Question 3:

In comparison, what is the quality against a Real Watch?

Answer 3:

Most of the Good Replicas are very well made and are made to Japanese and Swiss standards. But movement does vary on some models and types.

Question 4: Because it is made and sold for a fraction of the cost it must be poorly made!

Answer 4: Wrong! Most of the good Replicas are made of the same materials as an original watch.

I hope I’ve helped share some of my watch knowledge with you. I hate finding out people have been ripped off buying a Replica when they actually thought they were purchasing a real item. REMEMBER, a bad Replica would only cost between $150-$200. Only the Good quality Replicas cost hundreds to purchase. So, if you want orginal go to an authorized dealer and pay full price. Best of luck!

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